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Want to do well in life? Get a good job? How about mates? Would you like to make more friends?

Well, it’s not rocket science. To increase your chances of achieving these things – and more – you simply need to turn up at school, every day.

It’s like this: whatever you decide to do in life, whether it be a football player, doctor, firefighter, netballer, veterinarian, carpenter – whatever it is, you need to commit every day.

Now sometimes you may not feel like it. Sleeping in or hangin’ out playing on your phone may seem like a more attractive option.

But imagine if your favourite footy player just didn’t turn up to training - or the main game. He’d be letting the team and himself down. Or what if a bus driver decided to sleep in. There’d be some cranky passengers. Imagine if the shop owner of your favourite store just decided to go to the beach for the day. That would be frustrating. Or if a firefighter didn’t turn up to a serious fire. There’d be some serious injuries.

So we need to make turning up to school a habit. Something you don’t think about, just do it.

Because Every day counts at school.



 Tips for turning up


​Don’t think about it

Just do it, go to school. Sounds simple, because it is. School attendance should become a habit.

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Last updated
07 November 2018