Students compete for school attendance glory

Isabella State School students have created a fun competition out of going to school.

The friendly rivalry gets pretty heated between classrooms at Isabella State School in Far North Queensland as they strive to be crowned the Top Class of the school.

Every week at school assembly the class with the highest attendance for the week wins a deadly, golden trophy.

While each class engages in good-willed competition, they also work as a team - helping Isabella State School reach its whole school goal of 95 per cent school attendance rate.

Isabella students certainly know the importance of turning up each day, even when they're tired or they don't feel like it.

Check out the Jimmy and Sam the Dog animation to find out other reasons why you should make daily attendance a habit. Isabella State School has the right idea!

Does your school do something cool to encourage school attendance? Email us so we can share your deadly idea.

Isabella State School compete for school attendance glory

Winners are grinners - Turning up to school every day is easy, when Top Class bragging rights are on offer. 

Last updated
15 November 2016