What's the future hold for Jimmy and Sam the Dog?

Ever think you could make up some funny lines for an animation or comic book?

During Term 4 2016, Year 5 and 6 Solid Pathways students had the opportunity to study the Every day counts campaign and provide their input.

They looked at character and storyline development, along with slogans and dialogue.

In fact, some of the students from South East Queensland had some intense creative brainstorming sessions at the Stanley River Environmental Education Centre in late October.

They discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the animation and comic book, and worked in groups to outline potential storylines for the next Every day counts animation and comic book. Check out the new animation and comic book.

Creating Jimmy and Sam the Dog's future

Exploring ideas - Mandy from Gilimbaa captures the Solid Pathways ideas.

Workshopping concepts - Ian, from the Gilimbaa, team listens to students' ideas on the Every day counts campaign.

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04 July 2017